What time can I drop my child off at childcare?

We open between 7:00 AM -6:00 PM Monday- Friday , you may drop and pick up your child at anytime during those hours.

Should I keep my child at home if he/she is sick?

If your child develops an infection or illness, you are responsible for keeping him/her at home. If your child gets sick when he/she are at the childcare , we will contact you to make arrangements to have your child picked up. Children should only return to the Child Care Centre after they have been well (without fever) for 24 hours.

Do I get a refund if my child is absent due to illness or away on vacation?

At Ma Petite Maison , we base our costs on the number of children enrolled in our programs. As such, we cannot offer refunds if your child misses days due to an illness, vacation, or other absence.

Does Ma Petite Maison facility has a secured entrances?

Yes, we have a secured front door that stays locked at all times.

How does Ma Petite Maison deal with Allergies?

Ma Petite Maison is a nut free centre.All of our staff have their CPR training and know how to handle an epi-pen. We accommodate any other allergies when advised from parents.

Does Ma Petite Maison have Potty training?

At Ma Petite Maison we work with parents to provide the best care and atmosphere for children to learn and grow. When the time comes for your child to be potty trained we will work with you to provide the best for your child. At Ma Petite Maison we have provided small sinks and toilet so kids can feel welcome to try to sit on the toilet.